TLC Medical proud to present a sampling of the Customer letters, emails and postings online that we
have received.  We welcome any comments you wish to offer – please call 888-521-8522
(ext. 124) or email us, at  We appreciate the opportunity to support you!


"My TLC rep is my #1 consultant.  He always answers my questions and is ready to help when I call. 
We get great quality products from TLC and great prices.” - Jaryn, TX

“Thank you TLC Medical for all the help you’ve given, plus the great service.  You have returned
messages quickly and also get our orders processed in a timely manner.”   – Diane, CO

“I've been working with TLC for a while now and they have the by far best customer service out
of all the companies we have used.  I get the best quality boot for the lowest price!  
I would recommend using them to anyone!”               – Sarah, FL

“These cost-savings and increased revenue are a direct result of TLC Medicals Value Proposition for our organization. Their knowledge and experience, combined with an analysis of our usage and current billing practices are the drivers to make this happen

I strongly recommend TLC Medical to anyone, whether mature clinic or new start-up. If your goal is to provide high quality orthopedic goods to your patients while optimizing your return on the investment, AND, experiencing customer service with value added, then this group should be your first choice.” – Patrice, IL 

“TLC Medicals extremely generous response was amazing and pleasantly surprising to me and something that I have never previously experienced. Let me tell you that their brace has done wonders for my arthritic thumb. After wearing the brace for a few hours, my thumb is much more mobile and the pain is significantly reduced. TLC Medicals products are excellent and I heartily endorse it!  They give the highest caliber of customer service. I will also tell my doctors about how great this experience has been for me. Thank you TLC Medical!”   - Sandy, NJ 

“I feel like I have a new and final home with TLC. I promise to always do all I can to reciprocate the support I have been given. If TLC Medical ever needs any referral I am happy to provide it! Thank you for all you have done!”       - John, CA

"TLC Medical gets 5 stars from me! I have been buying DME for many years and I have heard all the spiels that every company has - they all say they have the best this and the best that yada yada etc etc blah blah.  Everyone is selling something and it is usually impossible to tell truth from fiction.  Most of the time "better price" usually means crappy products or terrible service.  Some companies charge me an arm and a leg for freight {seems like they have stock in UPS}.  When I first heard of TLC Medical I was very skeptical....I figured they were just another company pretending to be something they were not.  I can now say that after buying tens of thousands of dollars of bunches of different products I am very very happy I chose to try them out.  The products are as good if not better...the prices are way way better...and I really appreciate the friendly professional service - I truly am treated with TLC"!            – Scott, OH

"I choose TLC Medical as the company I want to provide my office with Tall + Short Walkers, Ankle Products, Night Splints, Surgical Shoes, Custom AFOs, Casting Supplies, and Medical Supplies. TLC Medical has gone out of their way to help make my business more profitable, make life easier for my staff, and allow us to focus on patient care. They are a trustworthy company who looks out for the best interests of their customers and I highly recommend them!” – Dr. Jon, CA

"Thank You TLC Medical. I love my rep! I love the products! I love the prices!” -  Jim, WI

“We have been using TLC for almost a year now. We switched from our prior supplier because TLC offered better prices and are STILL offering the best prices!  The quality of their products is GREAT, which I was surprised as the prices are so low.  In addition to the great prices the Customer Service is EXCELLENT!  Always eager and ready to answer any questions, our representative is phenomenal!” -  Mirabel, FL

“I have always been pleased with TLC. My rep is always friendly and professional and the products we have ordered have always been high quality.  The orders always arrive quickly."  - Aimee, TN
“Back in the beginning 2010, we received a promotional package from TLC - it was great they were allowing us to try several different products with a promotional offer.  We took advantage of that special and were very pleased with the products and the prices.  TLC is efficient and a pleasure to do business with - our rep is great - is always available to help and always makes sure we get what we need.  Try them you'll like them.” – Melissa, NJ
“TLC is the best company I have ever worked with in my 13 years of nursing!! My rep is the BOMB!!” -  Kim, NC

"TLC has been great to work with.  They were able to give us high quality products at a low cost.  Our TLC rep is easy work with and always available for help or take order." -  Mandy PA

“We are very happy with TLC. The pricing is great and our rep is a delight to work with." – Chris, OR

“Our practice has relied on TLC Medical for several years without disappointment. Their products, price, speed of delivery and the personal trusted treatment our rep. provides us with has proven to surpass any other distributor we've dealt with.” - Penni OR

“Like everyone else looking for cost efficiency and quality, I have shopped around and have purchased products from California, Florida, Wisconsin, Canada and Georgia, but stopped searching for the whole package when I got to TLC.

I have been given better customer care and quality of material and workmanship, plus superb prices than I ever hoped to expect.  My patients are seldom easy on any orthopedic device and the demand on the products is always high.  TLC has met this demand at every challenge.   No cheap plastic where aircraft aluminum is required.

They are the most caring people I have encountered in over forty years of dealing with medical supply acquisitions.  My Doctor, like many other Orthopedic guys, is actually capable of pinching a penny so tight that the bullet pops out of President Lincoln's head, and TLC's prices fit the bill where others only 'talk' of trying.  You won't be disappointed giving TLC a try, but be careful.  It's very easy to get hooked on their prices.” - David TX

“TLC Medical has proven their ability to meet our business demands by offering high quality products, services, and support, without delays.  In my office setting timing is everything.  My employer would be lost without TLC Medical.”  - Darlene NC

“TLC has been wonderful.. They have great prices and always get the items I need out to me quickly.  Kim is the greatest; always answering all my questions promptly.
Thanks for everything.”  - Reese SC

"TLC Medical has excellent products, pricing, and customer service! My rep has been outstanding. I've done my research and even tried other companies but the product quality is inferior, mistakes got made on orders, or phone calls didn't get returned. In today's busy health-care environment, you want it done and you want it done right the first time!"  - Dr G.  NJ

"I have been using TLC for several years for my orthopedic product needs. They are competitively priced and my rep is always easy to get a hold of and lets me know when there are sales on items. I highly recommend them."         -  Dr K. NY