TLC Medical is committed to your success.  Many practices face challenges associated with understanding the nuances of reimbursement and realizing revenue from distribution of DME while being within all guidelines and minimizing effort associated with dealing with insurance claims. We are very well informed and will provide you with the most current information as it relates to product coding as well as fee schedule & values for your region.

We will help you select products that offer optimum patient care as well as qualify for
reimbursement based on current guidelines. When a more in-depth level of assistance is
needed we will refer you to companies we have relationships with who are billing experts.
They will in turn offer
TLC Medical Customers consulting services at negotiated prices to
help improve your billing proficiency and expertise so that your revenue from distribution
of DME & Casting is maximized.

Our intention is to support our Customer's best interests.  When you are faced with any
challenge associated with billing we will create a solution for you!  We will offer professional
and friendly advice as well as guide you to resources who will care for your needs.  Contact
us for a customized spreadsheet detailing the proper codes & fee schedules for your
region or for more information about consulting services!